Beslan: a photo-essay

This week, instead of a podcast, we have a photo-essay by Timothy Phillips, author of Beslan: the Tragedy of School No.1, which was the subject of our podcast on 15 November. Tim took these pictures in the spring following the terrorist attack.

Here is how he describes the moment when, after a long overland journey from Moscow, he first confronts School No.1:

I stood still and looked straight ahead. There is was, set in bright grass, dandelion-speckled and overlooked by trees: a building deeply at odds with its surroundings. Swallows and thrushes darted about. I could hear children playing in nearby streets and gardens.

The building spoke for itself. It bore witness to the wrongs done inside its walls. The mangled roof appeared jagged against the blue sky. Crimson curtains billowed out of empty window frames. Bullet holes and bloodstains drew my eye away from the flowers. Torn and sodden textbooks lay where they had fallen months before. Graffiti promised those who had not survived that they would be remembered and avenged.

You can see Tim’s stark images by clicking here:

bullet holes

Roof of the gym

exterior 1

exterior 2

School corridor



Beslan from afar

Classroom interior

Girls walking in Beslan

Beslan from afar

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