Month: February 2009

Le Monde diplo site relaunched

The English-language edition of Le Monde diplomatique, for which I produce a monthly current affairs podcast featuring an in-depth interview with one of that month’s contributors, has just relaunched its website, and very smart it is too!

I’m delighted to say that there is a podcast page, where all the podcasts are archived (click on the screen grab below to visit the page).

And it’s always interesting to see how designers respond to the challenge of coming up with a logo that says “podcast”…

Le Monde diplomatique podcast page

23. Exploring the haunted city

Neil Gregor: Haunted City – Nuremberg and the Nazi Past

“By the end of the war, Nuremberg had a reputation second to none as a Nazi town.”

map showing nuremberg, bavariaIn this week’s podcast I talk to historian Neil Gregor about Germany’s often difficult process of coming to terms with the second world war in the decades that followed its defeat.

To bring sharper focus to his book, Neil decided to concentrate on how one city in particular – Nuremberg in Bavaria – reached its accommodation with the past. Neil’s own father grew up in the city and one of Neil’s earliest memories of learning about history was hearing his German godparents describe RAF bombing raids on Nuremberg. Read More

22. From barman to biographer

Rodge Glass – Alasdair Gray: A Secretary’s Biography

Rodge Glass: Alasdair GrayIn this week’s podcast, Rodge Glass tells me how, after his first disastrous meeting with Alasdair Gray in a bar in Glasgow, he later went on to be the writer’s student, amanuensis and eventually biographer.

Rodge recalls how Gray (a self-described “fat, spectacled, balding, increasingly old Glasgow pedestrian”, who is also the author of Lanark, widely regarded as the finest Scottish novel of the past century, as well as a host of other books and creator of many art projects), reacted when the biography was first mooted:

“Be my Boswell!” he shouted, dancing a jig around the room and raising a finger to the heavens. “Tell the world of my genius!” Read More