27. Alice on the Indus

Empires of the Indus coverOn Monday night Alice Albinia won the Dolman Travel Book Prize for her book, Empires of the Indus, in which she traces her remarkable journey from the river delta near Karachi to its source in Tibet.

Just after the winner was announced, I spoke to Alice about her book. Click above to find out why the woman who donned a burqa to travel through Taliban country doesn’t think of herself as a particularly intrepid traveller…


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  1. Michael Jacobs 8 July 2009 at 08:11 #

    Listening to Alice Albinia you can understand why Empires of the Indus is such an outstanding book – she’s as assured, perceptive and interesting as her writing, with none of the inflated ego of other practitioners of the genre. And George Miller’s introduction and interviewing style are flawless!

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