35. A Don’s Life

It's a Don's Life coverThis week marks the second anniversary of Podularity, so I’m delighted to be welcoming back an old friend of the programme, Cambridge professor of classics, Mary Beard.

Mary appeared in programme 15 to talk about her book on the Roman triumph and more recently in programme 28, to talk about Pompeii.

This time, we’re in conversation about the book of her blog, A Don’s Life, which is out in paperback from Profile Books on 5 November.

AlthoMary Beardugh – as she explains in the interview – it can be a burden to be constantly described as “wickedly subversive”, that’s just what she often succeeds in being in her posts.

Her subjects range from what Romans wore under their togas to whether Prince Harry should have gone to Afghanistan. To hear how Mary took to the blogosphere – and the blogosphere took to her – click on the link above.

And if you listen to the end, you’ll find out how high she rates the chances of her appearing on Twitter any time soon…

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