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Cookery to crow about

Here’s the first of the videos I’ve made with Faber archivist, Robert Brown. In it, he introduces us to a wartime cookery book, Meat Dishes without Coupons, which contains recipes only fit for the strongest of modern stomachs. You may sense a bad pun lurking in the title above. Click on the video below to […]

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Three questions for… Julian Baggini

This is the first in a new series of films in which (you may have guessed this from the title) I ask an author three questions on camera. No tricks or traps, but no forewarning either. My first guest is philosopher Julian Baggini, who has appeared on Podularity before. Click below to see how he […]

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Vic Reeves’ Vast Book of World Knowledge (II)

Atlantic Books have just published Vic Reeves’ Vast Book of World Knowledge, and last Tuesday I visited him at home in Kent to make this short film. I put up a rough cut last week; now here is the final version:

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Old dog. New tricks

Philosopher Julian Baggini has taken to film-making to promote his latest book entitled Should You Judge This Book by its Cover? In the book, he subjects one hundred proverbs and other examples of homespun wisdom to philosophical scrutiny. And in the film – well, click below and see for yourself. You can also listen to […]

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Introducing the Last Englishman

Here is a short video I recorded with Roland Chambers about his new book, The Last Englishman: The Double Life of Arthur Ransome. You could view this as an appetizer for the longer audio interview with him, coming in my podcast for Faber in early September, in which he talks about Ransome’s life in Russia […]

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Empires of the Sea

With Empires of the Sea by Roger Crowley, enters the video age! I spent a very pleasant afternoon with Roger Crowley this week at his home in Gloucestershire interviewing him about his book on sixteenth-century superpower confrontation, Empires of the Sea. After the audio interview was complete we went into his garden and recorded […]

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