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Ishiguro interview: part II

Kazuo Ishiguro: The UnconsoledPart two of my interview with Kazuo Ishiguro is now available here.

In it we talk about his Japanese roots; dealing with success at an early age; and the critical reaction to what he regards as his most ambitious, exploratory novel, The Unconsoled, which went from incomprehension or even hostility within the space of a few years to its selection as one of the finest post-war works of fiction.

He also tells me about his theory that most novelists have produced their best work by the time they are in their forties.

And at the end, he divulges what new project he is working on at the moment…

“I’m a novelist moonlighting as a short story writer”

Pale View of Hills coverLast month I recorded an extensive interview with Kazuo Ishiguro, to mark the publication of his first collection of short stories. It also forms part of Faber’s 80th birthday celebrations.

The first part of what we’ve decided to present as a two-part podcast is now available here on Faber’s site and on iTunes.

It focuses on the new book, Nocturnes, while the second part, which I’ve just finished editing, looks back at some of his earlier books including his first, A Pale View of Hills, now available in a new cover as part of the Faber Firsts series.

Part II of the podcast will be available later this month.

Meanwhile there are several interviews from this week to edit – with Sarah Hall, Giles Foden, and PD James. They’ll all be available in the course of the next few weeks.