A-Z of interviewees

Simply click on an author’s name below to be taken to a web-page where you’ll be able to listen to an interview with them (page currently being updated – it’s quite a large labour, but I’m going to try to do a few every day…):


Aravind Adiga, Booker prize-winning novelist, on The White Tiger

Stephen Armstrong, investigative journalist on The Road to Wigan Pier Revisited

Nadeem Aslam, novelist on The Blind Man’s Garden

Alaa Al-Aswany, Egyptian novelist

Paul Auster, novelist and memoirist, on Winter Journal


Julian Baggini, philosopher and journalist

Jenna Bailey, historian

Oliver Balch, journalist and South America specialist

Tim Barrett, sinologist

Sebastian Barry, novelist and playwright

Rosamund Bartlett, translator and Chekhov expert

Mary Beard, classicist

Andy Beckett, journalist and historian of the 70s

Tony Benn, politician and diarist

Walter Benn Michaels

Michael Blakemore, theatre director, on the National Theatre

Ronald Blythe, rural writer, on The Time by the Sea

Mark Bostridge, biographer and historian

Alain de Botton, philosopher and cultural commentator

James Bradley, Australian novelist

Emma Brockes, journalist, on her memoir, She Left Me the Gun

Colin Brown, political journalist and historian

Robert Brown, archivist, Faber & Faber

Kathleen Burk, historian and wine writer

Michael Bywater, journalist and wine writer


Susan Cain, writer and lecturer

Peter Carey, Australian novelist

Cathy Cassidy, children’s author

Vicken Cheterian, journalist and Caucusus specialist

Frank Close, physicist

Lizzie Collingham, historian

Adam Creed, crime writer

Simon Critchley, philosopher


Nick Davies, journalist

Frans de Waal, primatologist

Hanna Diamond, historian

Junot Diaz, Pulitzer-prize-winning novelist

Donna Dickenson, medical ethicist

Eamon Duffy, historian

Robin Dunbar, evolutionary biologist

Freeman Dyson


Susan Faludi

Patricia Fara, historian of science

Graham Farmelo, science writer and biographer, on Churchill’s Bomb

Robert Ferguson, Scandinavian historian

Tim Flannery, zoologist and environmentalist

Elaine Fox, psychologist

Louise Foxcroft, historian of medicine

Ronald Frame, novelist, on Havisham

Michael Frayn, playwright and novelist

Marina Frolova-Walker, musicologist


Petina Gappah, Zimbabwean novelist and short story writer

Rupert Gethin, Buddhist scholar

Rodge Glass, novelist and biographer

Misha Glenny, broadcaster, journalist and historian

Ben Goldacre, medic and journalist

John Gordon Sinclair, actor and thriller writer, on his  debut novel

Timothy Gowers, mathematician

John Gray, philosopher, on The Immortalization Commission

Andrew Sean Greer, American novelist

Neil Gregor, twentieth-century historian

Alain Gresh, journalist and Middle East expert

Kirsty Gunn, novelist, on The Big Music


Sarah Hall, Booker-nominated novelist

Chris Hannan, novelist and playwright

Tim Harford, economist, journalist and presenter of Radio Four’s More or Less

Lindsey Hilsum, journalist and broadcaster, on Libya’s revolution

Henry Hitchings, biographer and historian of English

Philip Hoare, journalist and whale specialist

Michael Hofmann, poet and translator

Tom Holland, historian

Richard Holmes, historian and biographer

Norman Housley, historian

Bettany Hughes, classicist and broadcaster

Simon Humphries, Christina Rossetti expert


Kazuo Ishiguro, Booker prize winning novelist


PD James, crime novelist

Emma Jones, poet


Valia Kaimaki, Greek journalist

Jackie Kay, poet and memoirist

Andrew Kelly, director of Bristol Festival of Ideas

Catriona Kelly, professor of Russian

Catriona Kelly on St Petersburg and memory

Christopher Kelly, classicist

Richard T Kelly, novelist and film buff

Martin Kemp, art historian

Barbara Kingsolver, novelist, on Flight Behaviour

Hanif Kureishi, novelist


John Leake

Mark Leonard

Chris Luebkeman

Roger Luckhurst, professor of English, on the mummy’s curse

Mark Lynas, science writer and climate change campaigner


Maria McCann, historical novelist, on Ace, King, Knave

Tom McCarthy, novelist and Tintinologist

Josephine McDonagh, Brontë expert

Neil McKenna, journalist and biographer, on Fanny and Stella

Chase Madar, civil rights lawyer, on The Passion of Bradley Manning

Margaret MacMillan, historian

Michael McNay, journalist and English art and architecture specialist

Sarah Maitland

Jonathan Mallinson, translator and early modern French literature expert

Gary Marcus, psychologist

Rebecca Mead, journalist and George Eliot enthusiast

Jean Moorcroft Wilson, literary critic and biographer

Michael Moran, travel writer

Jeremy Mynott, publisher, translator and ornithologist


Ted Nield, geologist and journalist


Edna O’Brien, novelist, on her memoir, Country Girl

Susie Orbach

Paul Ormerod, economist, on Positive Linking


Orhan Pamuk, Turkish novelist and Nobel laureate, on Silent House

David Peace, novelist

Sebastian Peake


Roger Pearson, translator and Voltaire expert

Pauline Phemister, philosopher and Locke expert

Timothy Phillips, Russia and Caucasus specialist

Michael Pollan, food writer and journalist

Astrid Proll

Philip Pullman, children’s author

Tariq Ramadan

Marilynne Robinson, novelist and essayist

Angela Robson, journalist and broadcaster

Oliver Ready, Russianist and translator

Alex Ross, music critic

Johann Rossouw, journalist and South Africa specialist

Mark Rowlands, philosopher and wolf-keeper

Eugen Ruge, German novelist, on In Times of Fading Light

David Runciman, political scientist


Jim Secord, Darwin expert

Rose Shapiro, medical journalist

Akhil Sharma, Indian-American novelist, on Family Life

Stav Sherez, crime writer

John Gordon Sinclair, thriller writer, on Seventy Times Seven

Peter Singer, philosopher

John Sloan, Oscar Wilde expert

Alan Sokal

Francis Spufford, non-fiction writer, on Unapologetic

Fiona Stafford, Jane Austen expert


Raymond Tallis

Sam Taylor, novelist

Marcel Theroux, novelist, on Strange Bodies

Mark Thompson, historian


Mark Vernon, philosopher and journalist


Alan Weisman

Kate Williams, historian and biographer

Bee Wilson, food writer

Frances Wilson, biographer

Lewis Wolpert, biologist and science writer


Jan Zalasiewicz, geologist, on our ‘Goldilocks planet’

Sofka Zinovieff, memoirist and novelist

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